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40 Gallon stocking progress

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Hi All~

So little by little I am stocking the 40 G breeder tank. Currently stocking is 

7 panda Corydoras, 10 Otto's, 1 Super Red Long Fin Pleco, 1 clown pleco. 

I have 8 Pearl Danio's in the QT tank. I had 10 but have lost 2 so far. Once they pass quarantine they will go into the 40G.

I REALLY want some Pygmy corydoras (10 or more) and Bolivian Rams (1 or a pair). I know Bolivian Rams are peaceful, but want to make sure they will be okay with the current stocking and the Pygmy corydoras. That's why I am here asking people who know WAY more than I do! 

What is everyone's thoughts? Any other recommendations? 


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I'm pretty sure you can add a pair of blovian rams without any problems. I don't think they would be bothered by corries, unless they decide to spawn. In any case I would get the rams first, quarantine them and introduce them into the tank. See how they interact with the panda corries and then make your decision about pygmies. 

This again comes down to if they spawn or not. From what I heard rams will spawn on flat surfaces near the bottom of the aquarium, so if thats your intention add a place for them to spawn, maybe they will accept it and the corries won't be bothered.  

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