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Might be a silly question but…


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Hey guys my apistos spawned on a Amazon sword leaf which I removed and put in a container with methalyn  blue. I woke up this morning and seems a lot of eggs fell off, but the eggs weren’t wrigglers yet. Is this a bad thing? I know it’s a silly question but any insight would be greatly appreciated. I’ll attach a photo for a better idea.

thanks guys


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I didn't know appisots would spawn on an amazon sword leaf. They spawn in caves and the female will guard the eggs. Are you sure that they are appisot eggs? Do you have any other egg laying fish in your tank. 

As for the eggs falling of the leaf; I don't know anything about that but as long as they are not white it means that they are fertilised. Give it a day or so and see if the eggs are developing 

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Woah that’s really weird. Absolutely never heard of them spawning on a leaf. We could have a first here 😄

They probably fell off because apistos aren’t meant to lay on leaves, and the eggs would be structured to stick to the somewhat coarse surface of wood or rock.

What kind of apistos are they? 

Keep us updated, this is really interesting.

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