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Tips to cut my Malaysian trumpet snail population down


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So I have a crap ton of Malaysian trumpet snails in my tank and want to cut the population down in my tank and wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas. I know less feeding works some and have tried the cucumber trap ( my pleco eats it and never get a snail on it )and tried a diy water bottle trap and didn’t get one in there. Don’t really want to spend an hour picking them out one by one so any ideas would be awesome. 

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On 8/23/2021 at 4:09 AM, Grizzly said:

I thought of that but I have nerite snails , rabbit snails and rams horns I like and assume they would eat them too 

I got 3 assassin snails to help control the pond snail population. I also have two nerites in my 50 gallon and they haven't did get eaten. I think the nerites won't get eaten, as long as there are snail is the tank, because of their unique shell shape. I read or heard it somewhere and from my experience it is true. 

I'm sure it has already been said but general maintenance  is the best way to control any snail population. Check if you LFS might want any, you might even get some store credit for them.   

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