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Input Water temperature. How do you do it?


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As im prepping my tank for GBR's my only concern is how i do water changes and what i can do to improve the temperature going into the tank without having to go back and forth between sink and tank. This will be my first time keeping GBR's and want to make my odds of success as high as possible.

Im still a month or two away from bringing GBR's into my tank but i am starting to practice tank maintenance now so that i know whats happening to the tank during water changes and gravel vac'ing.

Right now my schedule is 2 10-20% water changes a week and gravel vac'ing during one of the water changes. I am also using a garden hose attached to a sink in the laundry room and stretches to the kitchen.

Problem #1
Flow. I have a basic ball valve nozzle on my hose so i can turn it off and on at the tank instead of going back and forth to the sink from the tank.  I suppose i can try barely turning the water on and filling it that way. But suggestions are welcome.

Problem #2
Temperature. The temperature of the water coming out of the faucet is very hard to control and im not sure what i can do with out using buckets with heaters and powerheads. Im looking for a fairly cheap option to remedy this. I seen cory's proffesionally done water temperature regulator and found they are extremely expensive lol.

I have posted questions before about keeping GBR's and i am trying to cover all my bases.

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In my 75 gallon I put the hose in the tank and then regulate it from the sink. My faucet it a bit tricky to control but after a few water changes I learned where the faucet knob needs to be set to get close to the temp I’m looking for. I just use my hand to make sure the incoming water is in the same general range as the tank water. 

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