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looking for tips on a large Gymnogeophagus balzanii display

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Part of my hobby expansion is getting a large tank probably about 100 to 125 for a group of Gymno balzanii, I have never kept larger cichlids and have been doing alot of research on them but havent been able to find much about keeping them in groups larger than trios in a 55... has anyone kept larger groups? also with a tank that size I wanted to do a biotope and put in some a.borelli and a larger school tetras from the region.

stocking I was thinking would be a group of 6 balzanii with 2 males 4 females, a pair of borellii, some smaller plecos and a medium school of tetras(looking for suggestions). Might be alot for this tank but this post is for bouncing ideas to start the ball rolling!!!

Would love to see pictures of peoples set-ups for these guys and suggestions for species I could also put in here.

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