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A Good Day


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Well today was exciting!  I got to add angelfish to my 95 gallon community tank.  Found a breeder semi locally who breeds all of his in rock hard water.  Seeing as how I want to keep them in my own liquid rock water, I'm super excited to have found them!  The original plan was for 1, but he convinced me to take 3.  At $5 each I couldn't resist.  If they don't get along I'll just have to take a couple back.

The guppy population got a little bigger than planned while I tried to connect with a breeder because breeder #1 had an equipment malfunction just as the ones I'd been waiting...and waiting...and waiting for got to selling size. Breeder#2 had a bigger selection anyway.  Hopefully these will help to readjust the livebearer horde.  I just had to show them off after the long wait!

Now to come up with names...20210820_201912.jpg.f9f1f3c0c4dfd77f4d39244ed9312812.jpg20210820_202021.jpg.362bca07c46fb638c05990f70671938d.jpg20210820_202101.jpg.502e0df67ce5f52badc50bfa88f95d2d.jpg

20210820_200333.jpg.d7398c275e86a9720d0e9fa638b6cf00.jpgTo make it an even better day, I also got an aqua huna order with kuhlis, ember tetras, and panda corys for my 20 gallon.

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On 8/20/2021 at 9:38 PM, TankofFish said:

I really like that last pic.

I'm going to order some angles in a few weeks but mine are going in a blackwater tank


On 8/20/2021 at 9:44 PM, Tankseeker said:

@KaitieGjust curious what plants do you use?

I have plants from lots of places...Aquarium Coop, local clubs, Etsy, facebook...It's such a big tank that I pretty much just looked for deals.

As for types there's Val, hornwort, guppy grass, 3 kinds of crypts, several kinds of anubias, Java fern, java moss, dwarf sag, Amazon swords, red flame swords (my faves), water lettuce, duckweed (unintentionally), pogostemon stelatus octopus (sp), and hygrophilia (another favorite for the super bright green). 

There are also a couple very dead tiger lotus and aquarium lily bulbs that never grew well and were mostly eaten by snails.  I've finally given up on those...just can't get them to take off even after 3 tries.  I REALLY wanted a tiger lotus. That said, I'm very happy with how things have filled in.  It's been planted for about 6 months.

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