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Utility Tanks

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I keep a number of small tanks, but my utility tanks and buckets really help me balance my hobby. These three 3.5 tanks are always cycled, and can host plants or fish:


One is a previous organic soil Betta tank. The next is just mulm, filter, and light. The third adds plants and wood.


This bucket setup includes an off-gas bucket, a plant/wood staging bucket, a last-chance bucket, and with a fine sponge pump, a garden bucket. The tiny pail is for my cat.

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@Guppysnail, I can keep plants happy, especially in the cubes.

Your last question is the most important. I still have to remove Duckweed, which is useful, but blocks light. I wish that I could improve this system to not have Duckweed and shrimp fry both end up in the last-chance bucket from skimming my other tanks.

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@Streetwise it’s a beautiful set up you have there! I love that you specified “the tiny pail is for my cat.” It is their kingdom they allow us to live in, after all  😂

@Guppysnail  I started a plant bucket. I have it under a (south facing) window with no additional lighting and the elodea is managing beautifully. However, I can relate to you. It invariably became a snail bucket with plants 🙈 I too lack self control…

I took said snail bucket to my LFS (the ramshorns are endless, it’s what I get for feeding them). Wherever they put said snails… the bucket was returned to me with duckweed all over the side. A sensible person would have hosed it right off into his or her lawn.

I now have a snail/duckweed/plant bucket. 

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