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Treating with supratect

Stephen Zawacki

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Ok so I have another question I watch the king of diy the YouTuber in Canada and they have no fish medicine so, his fish store created supratect and he swears by it. He says it heals everything torn fins ich you name it. I got some new apistos around 2 weeks ago. And they had some fins a little damaged from shipping and started using it and it seems to be working with healing  I was wondering if anybody else has used this product.

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I have not used it. The manufacturer won't say what is in it except that it is made from plants. There is no indication what the active ingredient or ingredients might be.

I can find only anecdotal accounts (I used it and my fish didn't die) to support it.

I would not rely on it and I would not be too quick to give it credit for improvement in a fish's condition.

I did find an ad for it, though.


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