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Probably close to 80hr post hatch.  I saw what looked like feeding but I really couldn't actually see anything.  I've been pipetting in some green water the last 24hrs or so in addition to the serra micron and whatever was in my tiny clump of moss.


I decided to take another microscope shot so I used an eyedropper to get this guy and put him on a slide in a drop of water.  It's crazy to think they can fit an swim in 50-100ul of water.  This time you can clearly see a green belly so it clearly eating plankton.  both fry have that red spot on their left side. I assume its some organ but IDK which one.


I also took a video 🙂 https://streamable.com/ihkahy



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photo not rendering. added it again.
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So I read they'll take BBS at a week.  I decided it's been about a week (actually exactly a week now that I look back).  I hatched some BBS and tried to harvest a few "early" (about 20h at mid 75F is my guess) so they'd be extra small.  I gave them probably 50 bbs to make sure they could find some and watched. 


Sometimes they'd accidentally run into one and get freaked out and burst away (they're FAST when they want to be).  One fry tried to nibble on one but couldn't figure it out.  I got called away for my boy's bed time and came back an hour later to see giant red bellies!  So I guess it just took some practice and then they gorged.  Hopefully I didn't put too many in.  IDK if medaka fry can over eat, but if these two die I'll know they can.  I've got 50 more fry hatching out in the next week so these little guys are care system beta testers.





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