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Replacing a neon light tube... with an LED one???


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My 40 gallon tank has a 24 inch neon light and I was wondering if moving to a LED light might be brighter for plants???

Do they have any super powerful LED tube lights? 24"?

Trying to save some money. Will upgrade reflector too.

I did get an interesting LED light for my 10 gallon, for about 35 dollars, (NICREW Classic LED Light G2) I don't know a lot about it like how it would handle and outside timer, but it has controlled daylight and moonlight (blue). It has a timer setting for sun up and down (haven't tried it). Anyway I am on a budget. The misses is kind of keeping an eye on me.



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Thanks Cory, good luck with your business and your new location. You are doing a great job take care. Love your shows. Currently watch other employees too. I ordered your root tabs, they sound great!


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