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Problems In Populating Cleaning Fish


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There is really a void in a comprehensive talk on cleaning fish per tank size, most i have heard are not complete.

Here is the problem when you go to the fish store, they may only have one or two types, and they may be for larger tanks, but no one knows it. So I bought a pleco of course and two silver fly foxes (boy do they fly, they don't exactly school they break the sound barrier).

Yesterday I went to Petco and they some Otos, Siamese clean fish, Corydoras, and and golden loaches... Now I know after asking lost of questions which fish I might like, but I have my cleaning fish.

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Unfortunately I have no Corys yet.  I am just studying cleanerology.


We need to pick cleaners based on tank size, growth size,  the size of the other fish, and color.... and it is a strong possibility that they may not have those fish the first time you go to your neighborhood pet store. (My cleaners were picked as impulse buying, without thought)

This means that we have to correctly document what we want so we can search and wait for it. It is important for Youtube videos to make sure we get that information and perhaps some judgement on how available they have been..

I believe that most people have smaller tanks. It might be an interesting survey question.

I can't remember the name of the dwarf pleco. Is there more than one.?  I think if you have a small tank Panda Corys are cute, but delicate There is a loach that looks like a fish and not a snake. Loaches have this issue of size too. I saw my first Otto the other day at Petco.  I am considering Cory's appreciation for snails. 

I watch most of the aquarium videos on Youtube, regarding this subject and others. I find myself saying what did he say I want to buy one of those right away. Summaries may be helpful for some videos,and/or  listing points below in the comments section. For many fish keepers  it is a hobby in which they are very well versed, but I am more like a student with a notebook.


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Or you can just pick fish you like. Cleaner fish don’t really clean anything. BN Plecos can help with algae control but they have a huge bio load. Otos similarly will eat algae. Snails eat most organic material but poop a lot. SAEs seem to be excellent algae eaters but don’t do anything about milk. Just get the fish you like. The idea of fish cleaning things is a little absurd. Many inverts fo a good job of keeping things spiffy looking.

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