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Using Plant Substrate for Root Tabs


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I wonder if anyone has tried this adding a few balls of plant substrate underneath a stem plant for fertilizer?  Some people only have a few plants.

Has anyone tried using the neck of a water bottle upside down top hold plants and offer a space to add root tabs or plant balls?

What are the best and safest root tabs and organic plant substrate?

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I have never tried using plant substrate underneath each plant as fertilizer. However I have seen some people add two layers of substrate. One being organic soil or planted tank substrate, and the next being regular gravel. MD Fish Tanks on youtube uses planted tank substrate as the bottom layer, and a gravel/ sand as his other layer.

The best root tabs on the market IMO are Easy RootTabs. I have only had them in my tanks for a little over a week, and the growth has been AMAZING. Lots of obvious growth with these tabs. One tip though is to poke a hole in them with a tac, they seem to float if you dont do this due to the amount of air thats in them.

Heres a post I made about my easy root tabs success:


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