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Dumbest acting fish.........


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On 8/16/2021 at 7:41 PM, FishyJames said:

My dumbest acting fish are my kuhli loaches.  They swim in circles for hours.....then I won't see them for a few days.  I never see them eat....I don't know how they survive.   What is your dumbest acting fish?

Kuhli loach zoomies and how dare you malign adorable Kuhli loaches like that!  I’m coming to your house and telling them you said that!  😆 😂 

To me a far dumber fish is my clown pleco that is hiding so well that the person who feeds you (who spends far too much time in front of the tank) hasn’t seen you for over 2 months and has no idea if you’re alive or not. Simple survival for an aquarium fish should mean that they learn to dance a freaking jig to remind their owner to feed.  Never mind those centuries of evolution.  Dance, little fishy, dance!

Edit to add: try feeding live white worms or black worms to your Kuhli loaches and see if they visibly eat.  Take video for me, ‘kay?

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My "Hillstream Loaches" I still don't have a clue what they really are, they don't look like any of the pictures on the internet, but that's what the LFS called them. I have three of them in a 20L designed to look somewhat stream like with plenty of flow and lower temps. When I feed them I break up Extreme Bottom Wafers so I can spread the pieces around the tank... then they then spend the next hour chasing each other off the food. Nobody gets to eat. The food is gone by morning so I guess they eventually work it out.

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