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Nano Tanks or Big Tanks?


Nano or Big Tanks?  

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  1. 1. Which one do you perfer?

    • Nano Tanks (Under 10 gallons)
    • Bigger Tanks (above 10 gallons)
    • Bigger Tanks with Nano Stocking

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There are bonuses to both kinds of aquariums

With nano tanks, there small and can fit on desks, are easily moved, and IMO a lot more fun. Lots of the time stocking will be with small personable fish like pea puffers, bettas, sparkilng gourami, etc. All though with the smaller tanks = less stocking options.

With bigger tanks you have the option for more plants, fish, hardscape, and can start housing big fish. 

Or do you like nano tanks because of the fish, but like bigger tanks because of the space? So would you perfer a 30 gallon with a sparkiling gourami group, and other small tetras?

So which do you perfer? Explain your reasoning:

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I like my tanks to be 50 gallons or bigger the bigger the tank the  more stable your water parameters will be  and the more stocking options you have I have a 15 gallon Qarantine tank but my main tanks are 50g and a 60g

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I say mid size tank. I like the 40 breeder because it lets you get into slightly larger fish but also works great for nano fish while also leaving source for more tracks, so more types of fish. 

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Ummm, yes.  To all of the options in the poll.  🤷🏻‍♀️

I also need option 4 for all of the above.  Smallest fish tank is 6 gallons (one with an asocial pea puffer, one with a Betta, dwarf shrimp, and a couple small nerite snails), largest is 100 gallons with mostly nano fish.  Also have a 75 with 4 largish fish (pair of Jack Dempsey cichlids and 2 common plecos).  Plus several inbetweens.  MTS for me.

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I second  "all of the above".  It depends on the purpose of the tank and the ultimate goal if there is one. 

I love my 75, but it is a static display. It was originally the focal point of the room.  It can't be planted and Nano fish would become a menu item.

The 65 will become my aquascaped tank with schooling fish if I ever learn how to keep plants alive.

The 29 is my planted tank.  There is plenty of room for fish and plants, and it is fairly easy to make moderate changes.  It is probably the best middle of the road tank size commonly available.

My 10 gallon is by far the easiest to work with, It is my project, hospital, experimental, last chance tank.

I have Nano tanks but the small size limits their versatility.


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