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Clown killifish


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I would like to know...

1. If trio in 3 gallon tank is way too small?

2. Using sponge filter is ok? I read they do not like strong flow. Is it best to not have filter in there and just water change every 3 days or something?

3. Like any other fish, if I put in red cherry tank, killifish would eat the shrimplets?

4. At first I was thinking of putting them into 75 gallon tank with guppy but I read many that said they nips guppy's big tail so I am thinking if it is best to consider with 10 gallon shrimp tank or use 3 gallon tank. Bigger the better I think but if I use 3 gallon, it will be killifish only tank.

Thank you.

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I reckon go for the 10 gallon, and get a group of 6-10. As long as you have some hiding spots for the shrimplets, clown killies won’t actively hunt shrimplets. A sponge filter should be fine, just get one of those little cheap adjuster nozzles so you can decrease flow if you need to. I can’t imagine them nipping guppy tails, but I think they’re just better appreciated in a small aquarium due to their diminutive body size.

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