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Any Shell Dweller Breeders?

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Hey all

I am looking to do a second shell dweller tank. Currently have a 10g multi tank. Even thugh we have 80+ tanks most of mine are 10-20 gallons or discus tanks because I generally work with the small fish with small spawns. I want to do another 10g shell dweller tank but don't know what kind of shellies. Not many in a 10. I heard the occelatus pair can be in a 10. I am really curious to see what size for Neolamprologus Ornatipinnis Kigoma.

My questions to all the shell dweller breeders are....

What species do you breed

What size tank do they need

How many in that tank

And any other info you have (Like where I may be able to find some)


I may be able to do a 20 but I would love some ideas for my 10g

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On 8/16/2021 at 6:03 PM, ARMYVET said:

Personally I believe that shell dwellers neeed a bigger footprint than a 10 gal.  They like to redecorate their tanks to their liking and when breeding have staked out territories.  Even if you start with just 2 you will have more...a lot more soon...LOL

Just my thoughts 

Ok, I plan on pulling the babied to grow seperatley but what would be good in a 20?

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20 g long with Brevis 2 females 3 males and some fry. Guppy grass, hornwort, water lettuce and a couple anubias bartieri. I have some mollies in with them as dithers and fry control.0312DC25-232C-45ED-8288-FB96E6A6E303.jpeg.3f898088e543dc6e635ac3f4000bd34b.jpeg05B2378B-B1BF-481D-9464-013E8721248E.jpeg.b3713344cde855061f388155d900182c.jpeg 

it’s in my sons room so it has an Oscar the grouch, Sky from Paw Patrol, a character from Sponge Bob and a pirate chest along with local obsidian and 30+ shells. 

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This was a species only 40b with a group of 8 adults.

The shell on the bottom left is where they would spawn. They would pack sand over the opening after they were done.

I raised fry in a ziss box. I had moved  proven pairs to their own 20h and 10g tanks. Had them lay a few times and got some free swimmers but never raised up. They seemed to like the community setting better just have to pull the eggs.




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