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Can I get some shelving suggestions

Jason A.

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I want to setup some 10 gallons in a rack system but I'm having some trouble finding some metal shelves that would fit some 20.5" long aquariums, it looks like I'll have to settle for shelves that are 18" deep or 24" deep,  one is to short and the other is to long. I would rather buy metal shelves and not build a wood shelving unit as I've had issues building wood projects previously. Any brands or anything that could help would be HIGHLY APPRECIATED. thank you 

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I have the 77" wide Husky metal shelving from Home Depot (2,500lbs per shelf). 24" inches deep loaded with side by side 40g breeders. The shelves come with metal cross bracing and metal wire grate to provide base support for each shelf. I'm adding 1x 3 wood slats that run 24" perpendicular to the shelves where I'm setting my tanks on top of.  I originally contemplated ply-wood but not needed since the support for each shelf floor is in place (plus don't want to deal with rotten plywood in the future).

In your case, with 10s, that system would be more than enough to handle your tanks. Just make sure the shelving system can handle the weight of your tanks. For example see Jadren Aquatics YouTube video on his racks.  His racks are the longer 96" but the same setup applies for the smaller 77" rack.


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