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Hello from Rochester Hills, MI

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Hello everybody, first post.  Got back into the hobby after ...... well ...... most of a lifetime.  Yep, anybody else remember when those shiny metal frame tanks that would start the dreaded "drip...drip?" The hobby has come a long way since we used to make light fixtures from a chunk of roofing gutter and a couple of bulb sockets from the hardware store.  It's good to be back, a lot has changed in the hobby but some things haven't changed like thermometers so I'm going to head over to "General Discussion" and post a question there.  Thanks Y'all!

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Hello and welcome back from Grand Rapids, MI!

On 9/28/2021 at 7:53 PM, Jeff said:

Welcome! I grew up in Troy. My home is here in GR now. 
This place is the best forum I've ever been on. 

Hello, Neighbor. Tell me you've been to Water Colors because atm that is my favorite place to go.

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