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Miniature tempest filter


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So at night I end up looking at lots of videos and sometimes go down the koi rabbit hole.  I’ve seen a bunch of videos with this new filter by evolution aqua called a tempest.  It looks like a regular fluidize media filter but when it’s running the media isn’t fluidize. So it just traps muck. Then when you go to clean it you shut off return. Turn on air which tumbles the media releasing the dirt. Open the drain and the dirty water runs out.  It looks pretty easy.

I’ve already automated some of my weekly maintenance and with this I think I could make it even better.  Has anybody tried making an aquarium sized version?




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I use a similar strategy on my V-Sump (Vertical Sump). The bio- media layer is at the bottom, and when I need to clean it, I run the air stone for a little bit, then use a bilge pump to get the precipitated debris out. The nice thing about it is that I never need to touch the tank.

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On 8/14/2021 at 4:27 PM, Markp2483 said:

Thanks eatyourpeas,  I might give it a try and see how it works.

By the way what does a v-sump look like? Only familiar with regular sump or overhead.

It is a homemade vertical version of a sump, because I do not have the horizontal real estate to put a conventional one for my SW tank.

The media has been rearranged, but this is what it looked like in the early stages:


It lives inside a bucket:


Filtration and cooling. V-Sump is on the bottom:


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Bunch of coffee, mcmaster website and solidworks and i think i have a prototype to build.  Ignore the size of the pump, its tiny but was the only 3d model i could find.  I draw the line in ridiculousness at reverse engineering an iwaki pump. Also i didnt include the air pump but it will mount parallel to the pump and feed air to the large airstone when it time to clean.  


I may switch out some of the valves for electric one and then set up an app with IFTTT for semi automation but gotta think about it a little more.    


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