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Oranda flashing to top


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Orandas about 2 months old flashing to top but I haven’t seen rub anything. So not Gil flukes I guess idk it’s white but I’ve never had Gill flukes on fish. But googled lots pictures and see none. 

So I treated maracyn because rapid breathing and swimming and maybe some blood spots on tail not sure so tiny so not 100%. Nothing looks wrong with it on outside.

My waters perfect 125gallon 8 tiny orandas and 4 tiny bristlenose. And it’s planted so 0 0 0 and I still do large water changes every week when I’m bored. 




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When your goldfish is not swimming is it at the bottom? I think your goldfish is a matte with a swim bladder disorder, genetic there is no treatment. It looks like when it’s darting up it thinks your going to feed and as soon as it’s tail stops moving it sinks, it just isn’t able to float. 

red gill plates and button eyes on a white goldfish is a sign of a genetically weak goldfish I forgot the term for it off the top of my head. Outside of the buoyancy it looks healthy though, good weight and fins. 

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