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Grow light above tank!

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Whats yalls opinions on a grow light a couple feet above my aquarium for my pothos and my Lucky Panda chew sticks (Bamboo). I used to run it 10 hrs a day and my plants were growing like crazy but I was having a serious algae issue as well but Id also just purchases the fluval 3.0 and was getting everything balanced out.  My plants have since than died back alot seeing how our house is pretty dim so Id like to start using it again but am kinda sketchy of it cause my tanks have never looked so good. This is an old pic when I ran it 8 to 10hrs a day


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Hello @Nick H., I think you would be able to use the light, I would just use it for a limited amount of time. I grow both pothos and bamboo in my aquariums as well and they do not seem to require a whole lot of light.

If I were you, I would begin running it maybe 2-4 hours a day and see how it does. If algae begins to grow in the area with extra light, then you can just dial it back a bit or dim it if possible. I know the grow light I had was able to be dimmed down. I always try to use the least amount of light possible to grow my plants. 

The school of angels look great by the way! 

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