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KASA Smart Plug help!! None of them will work!

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Anyone know how to trouble shoot the Kasa Plugs? Suddenly they will not work and I am getting a device may not be powered off or out of network range.. and I never had that issue before. I turn my power bars off to do water changes etc. all the time and they always worked.. now suddenly they won't. My WiFi is working so I am not sure what the issue is. I checked site.. and its clear as mud what I need to do to fix it.. 

Anyone know ??? 

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You can power cycle them; then be patient they are slow to connect to wifi. Make sure wifi is turned on on your phone and (if concern) turn off mobile data. Also if i remember the kasa will only connect to older wifi technology - you can check the specs - make sure the type of wifi they require is turned on on your router. I think they don't work with the newer 5g. I think they require 2.4g.

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