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Looking for tubs - too good to be true?

Danio Janet

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Hello all! I am looking for some tubs to burry at my home in the Willamette Valley (Oregon) to keep fish over the winter outside. I found this post on Facebook marketplace and I am wondering if the tubs would be safe for ornamental fish. 🤔 my gut says that this is too good to be true. Am I wrong - or did I find the best deal ever? 





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A lot of people in the hobby use the IBC totes to store water as well as keep fish in outside etc. However, I would get one that is food grade and had been used for some kind of food item. If you do want to try it out since $50 is cheap for one, get it , rinse out really well, put some water in and let circulate and add a few cheap fish to make sure its not leeching something that will kill them. 

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