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backup wall plug

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We lost power again last night due to another midwest storm and yes we have a Generator but Im jot always gunna be home when it goes off.  Cory mentioned a wall plug that is a also a backup battery. So its always pluggee in to an outlet than your aerators are plugged into it. Can anyone tell me where to find those? Ive googled it and havent had any luck finding it.

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These are awesome! Can you tell me the make and model? Also how are they hooked up by a regular wall outlet than just has a built in power strip?  Ive never heard of these. Also how ling will this thing last. How many components do you can you run off of it? I have so many questions. These are a must have for a Hobbyiest with multiple tanks.

On 8/12/2021 at 9:30 AM, Daniel said:

I have all the wall outlets in my fishroom supported by a couple UPS backups in my pantry.


That way none of the outlets in my fishroom ever lose power even if I haven't started the generator yet. Is that what you mean?



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The make is APC and model is Smart Link 3000, basically just big lead batteries that don't come on until there is a power outage. The are inserted into the circuit between the main panel in my utility room and the fishroom. That is what you can see in the back of the photo with the big yellow plugs.

They could power a server or a couple of aquariums for days.

But once during a recent power outage I timed how long they lasted running everything in the fishroom (see photo below) and it was about 2 hours. It would have been longer without running the lights and computers.


So they are good at preventing interruptions of power, but in a long power outage, nothing beats a generator.

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I just have an air pump with a built-in battery, which keeps a sponge filter and bubble wand going for more than 9 hours after the power is out, and an extra air stone as well if I am home to put it in. I also have a couple of other battery-operated air pumps, so if I am home I can have several going at the same time.

Every time I see something like this, especially during hurricane season (I am in Houston), I think I need to get a back-up natural gas generator for my house.

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