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Guppy nerm insight help please


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Long story I won’t bore you with…

keeping one male for new guppy community. Current community 6f/1m need to move juvenile I’m keeping. approx 1.5 inch. No practical place to go I have another hodgepodge tank he can go in but I have 2wk olds I’d rather not get outcompeted for resources.  Male in community aggressive to CPD when housed alone with them. This male was not born in my tanks so I have no idea how nice he will play with other males. I have 2 f I’m introducing with the male but they are only 2m. I don’t introduce f to m until 4 months I find I have less birth complications and more robust fry.  I have never had an actual community guppy tank always sorority/fraternity.  
juv is 1/2 color about 1.5 in already displaying dominance dancing in grow out.

what are the chances my adult boy will tolerate him introducing him alone? It is one of the first to ever display his coloring so he is fairly important to me. I could add two m juv if that is better?
thanks for your nermy info 😁

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