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New here from Oregon

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I have been in the hobby just shy of a year.  I've had ups and downs but I attribute a lot of my success to watching copious amounts of YouTube and of course 75% I'm sure have been Aquarium Coop.  I am not much of a social media person, but I figured if I am going to continue this hobby, I might as well try to get in the loop and on occasion, interact with humans.

My youtube addiction followed shortly with Multiple Tank Sydrome and collector-itis.

I currently have 7 tanks with fish:

55 gallon

20 gallon

29 gallon x2

10 gal x2

5 gallon 


Stocking in my tanks :

Black emperor tetras

Black phantom tetras

Rummynose tetras

Boesmani rainbows

Albino corydoras

Panda corys

Pygmy corys

Brochis Emerald green corys

Japanese trap door snails 

Amano shrimp

Honey gouramis

1 female apistogramma panduro


Panda garras

Myers hillstream loaches


Gray kuhli loaches

OG single Petco Guppy 

OG single teacup platy 

A few glo danios for my son's tank

Miscellaneous uninvited snails

My 5 gallon was my QT, but I ended up with some Taiwanese green and orange swordtail guppies and several of their fry, so they are in there for now.  They are impossible to photograph, they're so fast!


My honey gouramis laid eggs but only 2 fry survived. I tried to photograph them.  They were born months ago but are still very small.


Plans for the future...

1. My 20 gallon used to look a lot better but it kind of got destroyed when the honey gouramis forced me to break it up and try my best at a nursery (the one with the pyramid) I plan to re-do it and make it into a cool cherry shrimp abode, now that it should be well seasoned. 

2. Relocate the Taiwanese guppies out of QT

3. New desired tank setups:  single betta tank and single pea puffer tank.


Anyway, please excuse the messy tanks and algae on the glass, but here are some pics.  I'm excited to be here and "meet" everyone. 😊







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On 8/11/2021 at 6:21 PM, Fish Folk said:


Ooooo…. That bottom pic… epic driftwood… still my beating heart! 

Ha!  Yeah, it's funny.  Before my fish addiction, I would never have expected I would be shelling out big bucks to buy wood on the internet. 

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On 8/11/2021 at 6:26 PM, lefty o said:

welcome. 1 year, 7 tanks, there will be meetings in your future!🤪

Funny you should mention that.  I just joined my local club and went to my first meeting.  It kind of felt like group therapy, but I dunno if it helps that I ended up buying plants and fish at the auction! 🤭

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