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Otocinclus in 10g


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I'm looking to get a or some Otocinclus for my 10 gallon. I have some algae on my plants, that I want to get cleaned up

Here's my current stock. Do you think adding one would be ok?

7 Chili Rasboras

4 Kubotai Rasboras

7 Ember Tetras

1 Blue Velvet shrimp

1 Nirite snail

1 misc snail that came off a plant.


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 I think it depends on the type of algae and how much of it you have. I kept 3 otocinclus in my 10 gallon tank a while back, but they didn't live more than 2-3 years for me. They helped take care of any brown diatom algae I had, but ignored fuzz/staghorn algae and didn't really go for the green spot algae either. Ended up having to feed them blanched zucchini so they wouldn't starve.

The nerite snail should be sufficient to take care of most of your diatom/green spot algae in a 10 gallon tank. Not sure what eats fuzz/staghorn algae other than amano shrimp, but maybe someone more experienced can chime in.

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