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Substrate for quarantined plants?

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Through some spectacular mistiming, I have a load of mail ordered aquarium plants 2 months before I can set up the aquarium that they go into. Perfect for quarantining! My question is, for that long a time, do I need to plant the stem plants in substrate, or can I just leave them as bunches? I'll have a light and air stone going, with liquid fertilizer.  Light no more than 6-8 hours. Since they will have time to adapt to water, should I run CO2, or can I just let them poke along with short light and fertilizer?

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If it's just for two months I would not add substrate. As @KBOzzie59 said the plant weights might be a good idea for the stem plants; light and some ferts are a need for that time period too. CO2 always helps, but if you are running it I would only run it during the active photoperiod with the lights on and turn it off when the lights go off and the airstone comes on. Plants only use CO2 during the day when they actually produce oxygen, at night when no photosynthesis is happening, they actually consume oxygen and CO2 is not needed.

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