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Apparently I'm lacking in forum manners. I've been hanging around here for a few months now and really ought to officially say, hey! I've been in and out of the hobby a few times over the last 20-30 years, depending on where you draw the line. The vast majority of that I'd classify as 'casual fish keeper' mostly enjoying common cichlids I could find at the LFS in one or two tanks. Things started to ramp up  a bit a year ago when I started getting into plants for tanks and was gifted a 120 gallon by a good friend. 

I can't seem to find any pictures presently of the initial setup but this is it today: 212869728_120Gallon.jpg.6886732885e11fefd13c115e977927d2.jpg

I quit scrubbing the glass and pulling hair algae out a couple months ago in preparation for getting otocinclus. I really wish I'd taken a picture of the top surfaces of the flat rock before I unleashed them in there. They were fully covered with a wavy punk 'do that the otos have been munching with vigor! 

I'd never had that much space to work with from a scaping perspective before and... well I've hated every iteration as it's evolved. It's about due for a revamp, just need to finish setup and cycle on some new tanks before I can tear it all apart again. 

Ack! Kids are knocking, it's bedtime and I'm on story duty. I'll post some pics of my other tanks soon! 


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Thanks! I found an old pic, here's the original scape: 


It took me years before my wife agreed to this tank in the house (and not the shed). It was only a few weeks before she asked for her own tank in her art room. It's terrible but I don't have any pics of her tank, something I'll need to rectify. 

I won't cover everything in this post but here's an early pic of my white skirt breed out tank: 


Which appears to only want to load upside down on my phone.. 🤔

And the Endlers: 



Finally, meet Houdini! 


I tried to get some good shots of the whole gang, but they're going through a bit of a randy phase and no one wants to sit still tonight. All the males are displaying their crest and breeding colors. 😁

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