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Diffuser placement and longevity

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Ok, so, i have a DIY CO2 setup with 2 3L bottles for my 65 gallon tank. So far, the mix will last me anywhere from 4 days to a week. I told my wife that i should probably get pressurized CO2 with a regulator, and she asked will it be worth it in the long run? (for instance will a 5ib CO2 bottle last and entire month or two and refill it for a couple of bucks or will it be the same issue? I.e. Filling it once a week) Im running about 3-4 bubbles per second after i get the pressure to where i want it.

Diffuser placement. I have moved My diffuser 3 or 4 times in my tank to get the best water column diffusion. So far its done really well under the filter out put, but it creates larger bubbles in the water column which i personally find unattractive. So ive decided to put it directly under the filter intake and gonna experiment with that. (my hypothesis is that the CO2 will further diffuse in the filter and possibly serve as a large reactor)

Opinions and input are much encouraged and maybe share some experience?

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To address your questions:

1) On my 75 gallon a 5lb. cylinder usually lasts me anywhere from 4.5 to 6 months, depending on who fills it. I have two cylinders, one in use, and one in reserve, so I can take my sweet time getting one refilled when it runs out.

2) Where you currently have your diffuser located is generally the place where you want it. If your bubbles are too big then you should look at the large Aquario Neo diffuser Aquarium Co-Op sells, it produces the finest mist of micro bubbles I have ever seen, and I have a very long history with adding CO2 to my tanks, and boxes full of CO2 diffusers, atomizers, and reactors of all varieties that are sitting in my garage while the Aquario is bubbling along in my tank.


If you don't want micro bubbles in your tank period, then a CO2 reactor inline is your best option but there are studies that actually claim that the contact of CO2 micro bubbles with leaves has in itself a growth stimulating effect on plants.

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Im currently using this Diffuser
. I like it pretty good and i think its doing what its supposed to be doing. Im not an expert with CO2 by any means. Not saying i haven't done research but the chemistry part of it is a bit vague to me and not 100% sure what it does to the water column (PH,KH,GH).

The thing about this diffuser though is that it requires more pressure to be able to push out the bubbles due to surface area.

Im also using the Fluval CO2 detector kit which is the cone shaped apparatus. I want the drop checker but if its the same thing and the shape doesn't matter i won't bother.

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On 8/12/2021 at 10:39 AM, Mmiller2001 said:

What kind of filter do you have? I run this in a 20 inch RO stage. Easy to build and 100% dissolution, I hate the sprite water look.


Im running an FX4 Filter. This looks cool but idk if modifying my Filter hoses would be wise.

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