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Peru Fish Collecting Trip 2021


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sorry if this isn't appropriate to bring up here but I'm trying to get answers about collection of otocinclus and some were collected on this trip.

I keep hearing people say time and time again that otos are collected by using poisons (specifically cyanide) to stun the fish. Is that something you've heard or seen in your contact with the collectors?

I've done a bunch of searching and I have never been able to find proper sources on these methods being used for otos. I've seen plenty on its use in collecting marine fish, and I found one article (from 2013) which from the abstract has confirmed its use for collecting catfish in the nile (so wrong continent).

would really love to hear from people who have actually seen and been a part of oto collection!

one of the reasons I'm dubious, (though willing to be proven wrong!) about this practice is why would you all get into water poisoned with cyanide when you have many options for activities that don't involve exposing yourselves to that.

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