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On 8/8/2021 at 6:56 PM, Alan m said:

I’d like to specifically see planted tanks, with gravel as a substrate. Please..and what plants you have..


I only use inert gravel and never more than an inch. I never even root plants just tie them to deco float or suction cup to walls. Root feeders too.  The nutrients have to dissolve in the water to be absorbed by the plants they do great not even touching substrate.  The reds on all become more vibrant the closer to the light.  I actually float cardinals to turn them dark purple. Pictures of my tanks (i stink at aquascapes don’t judge 🤣) are in my profile under about me. 
plants I use

cardinals, ludwigas, bacopas, bucephalandra, hornwort, fanwort, moneywort,  Brazilian pennywort, water fern, wisteria, sprite, anacharis elodea densa, Italian and corkscrew Val, several sword types, Anubis, Java fern lace leaf and regular.


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Here is mine, (please excuse the slightly cloudy water, added VitaChem a couple hours ago). It’s a 125, the substrate is pea gravel from Home Depot. If you choose to use this, make sure you wash it really well, it’s very dirty when first purchased. 

I use easy green, easy carbon, API leaf zone, and aquarium co-op root tabs to fertilize. 

Plants: Water Wisteria, Dwarf Aquarium Lillies, Bulbitus, Java Fern, Amazon Swords, various different Anubias, various different crypts, and subswasertang. I likely didn’t spell those correctly but you know what I mean. 

Fish: Various sword tails, various platys, electric blue acaras,  black skirt tetras, red eye tetras, blood fin tetras, zebra danios, Bolivian rams, albino corys, salt and pepper corys, juli corys, otos, albino bristle nose pleco, honey gourami, dwarf blue gourami, dwarf blue flame gourami, dwarf flame gourami, roseline sharks, harlequin rasboras, an angel fish, various mollies, a couple male guppies, golden wonder killi fish, nerite snails, rams horn snails, pond snails, bladder snails, MTS, and African dwarf frogs. 

Theres a lot of color and it’s a busy tank, but everyone is thriving/breeding. There is no aggression. I let nature do it’s thing in regard to population control.

Fert dosing: I dose easy carbon 3 times a week at 1 pump per 10 gallons. I dose easy green once a week at 1.5 times the recommended amount per gallon. Root tabs are added every 2 to 3 months, I usually just stick 2 of them under the plants in the substrate. API leaf zone once a week at the recommended dose.  

I do a 25 percent water change once a week. I also dose VitaChem once a week in the water column.

This is what works for me and how I enjoy my 125 .



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