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Fritz Complete with Ich-X?


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I was doing independent research after my dissolved oxygen dropped today in my qt tank and apparently Fritz Complete is unsafe to use with Ich-X. The FAQ on the company webpage states that the sulfoxylate-based conditioner can affect the medication. My question is, how does it affect Ich-X? Does it make the medication ineffective or is there something more immediately threatening (in my case, dropping dissolved oxygen).

I know that most conditioners will reduce oxygen levels temporarily but this is my first experience with fish gasping at the surface and I'm trying to troubleshoot to prevent it from happening again. I ended up losing one of my angels as a result of the deoxygenated water and likely would've lost the entire group if I hadn't done a 1/3 water change and added two more sponge filters to the tank.

79 Fahrenheit
8 pH
0 Ammonia
0.25 Nitrite
<20 Nitrate

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How does it affect ich X? it cuts into their profit margins. I've used ich x with about every dechlor under the sun and never had any adverse reaction. Also seen no positive difference by using hikari ultimate. 

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