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Aquarium Lilly

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I bought some aquarium Lilly seeds at an overstock store locally for a dollar.

I threw a couple of seeds in my qt tank as its not being used atm. One sprouted and one rotted. 20210808_155540.jpg.5224259c08f1a6c9a349865900e7fa22.jpgMy questions are.

When should I plant it in my tank I want it in?

Should I remove the seed husk before I plant it?

How deep in the substrate should I plant it?

Should I expect any die back moving from one tank to another?

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I’m not an expert but I wanted to at least answer since none else did, I believe lillies are root feeders so they will do much better planted in a soil and capped with sand in a pot or something, they are very hungry and I don’t think would survive in just gravel or something like that. 

I have some lillies outside on my tubs but this is my first year keeping them so I’m not a pro. If you’d like I can forward your question along to my local club, it’s a water gardening club and they have taught me a ton. 

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That "lily seed" looks more like a lotus seed to me and it will outgrow your tank in a hurry. Lotuses want to be planted in big containers (really big containers) and are typically grown in ponds. Water lily seeds are very small while lotus seeds are very large and look like yours. I'm pretty sure you're growing a lotus.

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