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Mbuna Fry tank setup

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So I have a yellow lab that's holding and wanted to get her own tank setup so maybe I can get a few fry out of the deal.. found a 20 gallon for 30 bucks , stand without the top for 20. 

Used substrate, 50% water from original tank, sword In moss ball, vallisneria, small crypt, two struggling anubias and coco hut from the old tank. Dosed some ammonia fix, a little easy green and iron. 

Fluval nano 7000k light ( had to build a custom stand for it ,being made for a rimless tank it didn't fit on mine ) . An old hob filter ( being replaced or used along with a new ACO medium sponge filter )

Drilled 1/4 " holes in fake decor to give the fry some spots to hide.  

Now... let's see if I can get momma transfered in a few days and get some babies 








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24 hour update: chucked a snail in there to clear some debris 

Water parameters 

5 hours after filter running : 

ammonia- 1.0 ppm. Nitrate- 5.0ppm.  Nitrite- 0.25ppm. Ph-7.8


24 hours after :

ammonia- 0.75. Nitrate-5.0ppm. Nitrite- 1.0ppm . Ph- 7.8

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