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Monte Carlo

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Not sure why but i have monte carlo that i purchased a couple of weeks ago and have noticed minimal plant growth. It honestly looks like its dying and im not sure why. I dose Easy Green once a week at about half the dose. Im gonna Post the tank specs.

Fluval Stratum substrate about 2 inches in depth
Fluval 3.0 Plant x2 (will show my schedule)
DIY Co2 injection system
Tank temp 74-76F at all times

10 Buenos Aires tetras
~25 Neons
5 Corydoras
Bamboo Shrimp
5-10 Assassin Snails
3 Amano Shrimp

PH ~6.4
NH3 0ppm
Nitrite 0ppm
Nitrate ~5ppm

Maybe, its the corys disturbing them? Not sure because they haven't been uprooted.
Please help! would love for them to start growing more!






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In my experience even in a good situation it can look a little rough at first. Assuming all things are good eventually it begins to take off slowly at first and then very fast later. It looks like you have some new growth, so be patient.

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I went back and looked at my records. I thought I grew Monte Carlo last fall but it turns out it was baby's tears. And it grew better in course sand than in Eco-Complete.

Here was the progression:

Didn't look good for a few weeks:


Then, new growth yay!


Then it began to take off.


Eventually it really filled in nicely to point where I was composting some of it.

So not exactly the same thing as your situation.


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