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Under gravel filter and planted tank

Alan m

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So I’ve had this 55 Gallon tank for years...like it’s been running very well for almost ten years. I’ve always had plastic plants..sure it’s colorful and looks good. But it’s fake. 
About two weeks ago I purchased a canister filter (Marineland Magna Flow 220) and pitched the HOB. I’ve also always had a undergravel filter with a power head on each lift tube..breaks up the water surface well. 
My question is this. Ive ordered some plants and am going to slowly see how it goes..all the plants I ordered are water colume feeders..and will be using liquid fertilizer. But I do plan on getting some root feeders as well down the road. Should I remove my under gravel filter and go with a sponge filter? Will my UGF pose any problems for my plants in the substrate? 
I am keeping the gravel, even though it’s blue..it’s got to much good bacteria.. I would love to get a natural looking sand substrate, but I’ve got to much invested in my fish, and down want to risk the tank crashing..(not literally of course).

any thoughts on the UGF and real plants?

thanks everyone..



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The under-gravel filter is a much better biological filter than the sponge filter you are considering to replace it. The UGF plus the canister may be over-filtration, but that keeps your water clear and your fish healthy.

A UGF is certainly compatible with water-column feeding plants.

Root feeders might send roots down through the filter plates, reducing flow a little. I understand the point being made above - that a root tab won't be as effective if water is flowing through the gravel and carrying away the nutrients. Still, you might try some if you want, just to see what will grow.

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