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Opinions and Experience with Platinum Parrot Cichlids

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Soooo someone offered to trade some of my Otocinclus for fry of these. I was just going to give him the Otos because he has a good home for them. The only place I'd have to put these in are my not yet fully stocked 20gallon tall the only inhabitants are 10 black neon tetras, and snails. I was planning on a Borneo Loach or 3 sooner or later, and maybe adding some of my home bred Otos. 

Wondering what my fishy friends think of the fish, and my potential home for them. 

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I’d want a 29 g at least, 40breeder would be better. If they are a convict - parrot hybrid then they’ll be anywhere from 5-9” for the males and females 3-6”, I’ve seen gentle ones and I’ve seen territorial and aggressive ones. They’ll rearrange the tank anyway they want so watch them in a planted setup. They may or may not prey on those neons each has their own temperament.  Might be more unpredictable if this is a new cross.

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Posted (edited)

@Beardedbillygoat1975 Ah so the information I'm finding about them being 1-2" max is incorrect? I think of a lot of cichlids as being potentially aggressive to other fish. It isn't/wasn't anything I was planning on adding to my tanks. Actually sometimes I'm kinda weirdly proud of being cichlid free. 


*****disregard you and @anewbie are right, they do get big. Thats a big no!  THANK YOU

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