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Are there miniature Plecos

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Depends on what your definition or experience with pleco's is. As a kid all I knew was the common pleco. I would consider a bristlenose a mini version of a common pleco and have tons of them now. They only get to about 5", have many color varieties and get along with most everything in a tank. If you are looking for smaller than @CT_ is correct with Otto.

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On 8/7/2021 at 3:59 PM, hopeful1 said:

Are there miniature Plecos?

Do the Corydoras replace the cleaning level of the Plecos?

My panda and Pygmy corys sift the gravel and pick at plants that have food debris. They are more protein based diets. My bristlenose clean algae off glass and decor wood etc and are more veggie less protein diets. My opinion is they do different functions if that helps. 

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