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White spots on my clown loaches


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I bought 4 clown loaches from the LFS to get rid of my pond snails. 2 weeks later and they have tiny white spots over them.

I don't have a quarantine tank so they went straight into my 300 litre tank. In that tank I also have 20 neon tetras, 4 Cory's, 3 kuhli loaches, 4 Otto's, 5 Harlequin rasboras, 2 mystery snails that have just laid eggs, and a dwarf gourami.

I do have one other small 20l tank that has 5 guppies and a molly as residents. 

I have read that clown loaches have their own specific white spot that they get, so I'm hoping it doesn't spread to the other fish.

What would be my best course of action to cure my loaches? I don't mind utilising the smaller tank if needed.

Also should I be asking for my money back on the infested loaches?

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I've never heard of clown loaches getting their own spotted disease. But I would treat the fish with Ich-X with the directions accordingly. In a separate tank hospital tank with others affected, if no other fish are showing signs remove the infected one and treat accordingly. If the disease seems to be spreading, skip the hospital tank and treat the whole tank. Call the store to ask about if any of their fish have recently caught a spotted disease like ice or white spot, if they have, you can assume they're at fault and you can ask for a refund. A lot of mom and pop stores can't afford refunding fish so they usually have things like a 3 day period of if the fish dies or not. But definitely ask sooner or later. 

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