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Platies are not dropping fry even in optimum water condition


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So my Platies were due to give birth a month ago for their 1st pregnancy, but still refuses to drop them all. I’ve only seen like 6 fry so far. At first I wanted to save all the fry, so I put the females in a floating 3 gallon bin in the main 40 gallon, but they seemed stressed, so I put them back in with the males. But now, I don’t really care if the fry live or get eaten since I know they’ll just give birth again. I just want the females to drop their fry though. 

As you can see, there are plenty of hiding spots, the gravid spot is already there, and the water is heated to 86 F. I know the tank is cycled due to the plants going HAM, but I don’t check the water parameters because I routinely do a 25% WC weekly anyways. Does anyone know what’s going on? 

photo of my tank: https://imgur.com/a/G6iqgjI

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Typing on my phone and for some reason, don’t see the image, so I put the link in the text.
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With my platies, the tend to drop their fry at night. Also another thing I have seen when I have been up to see them drop fry, the second they start doing the males will tail the females and literally gobble them up almost immediately as they come out. If you see your platies where one is following the other very closely, that is likely what is happening. I have found with mine, I just let them do their thing and let nature take its course. I usually will have a few that get down into my plants or under some of the decorations that will survive. Try to create a lot of places for the fry to hide and you will get survivors. 

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