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Angelfish pair


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I have two angelfish in my community tank. I never knew if they were males, females or a pair. They share the tank with a variety of community fish including swordtails, harlequin rasboras, a cleanup crew and two pearl gouramis. Sometime yesterday one of them seems to have laid a large clump of eggs on a great big Amazon sword. I wouldn't know what type of eggs they are, but for the behavior of the angels this morning. They are absolutely terrorizing everyone in the tank, particularly the poor gouramis. 

How long will be acting like this?

Will these eggs hatch?

Any advice for what to do in general?

Thanks all!

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You can also put the eggs you remove into a container with a touch of meth blue and an airstone and they will hatch. Of course then you will have wrigglers and when they become free swimming then you will have to feed them bbs 4 or 5 times a day and eventually you will get new angles; somewhere between 30 and 100. Not sure what you would do with a 100 new angels but .... In my case i kept 10 but eventually had to wittle it down to 5 (new ones) with the 3 old ones. 

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