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Mystery snail, Mystery ailment


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My mystery snail has developed, something, a parasite perhaps. They appear as clear hairlike protrusions that are attached around the edge of it’s operculum. When I touched the protrusions the snail made a gasp like sound, so I think it was painful. The operculum appears to be eroding where these things are. Please help if you have any idea what this is.



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I think they are some sort of leech, helobdella family of leeches bring the babies along, that looks like a baby cluster, momma may be currently attacking your mystery snail from inside the shell. 

there isn’t much you can do other than manual removal, one of my tubs came down with helobdella Europaea which look different than yours in color but very similar to what you describe. One thing may have helped me is if you have some melafix, the leeches don’t like it, it doesn’t kill them but may force them off the snail, If it ends up being leeches  

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