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White stuff with scary looking dots on driftwood. Should I be concerned?

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16282152356974180208245485121291.jpg.e0de72f3b0db325f577eaf49ef72b043.jpg6.7 Betta cube, completed fishless cycle June 13th.  The driftwood in question went through the cycling and came from another tank, where it did not have this growth. About 10 days ago I pulled it out, scrubbed off the white stuff with a toothbrush and peroxide, avoiding my plants and roots, a couple good rinses and short soak and placed it back.

The white stuff came right back.   It doesn't seem to bother my betta, but its a small world he's in so I'm concerned.  I haven't seen this in my other tanks. The oldest of which is just approaching the one year mark, so I'm not that experienced. 

The tank is otherwise in a that "hey let's try out some hair and staghorn algae" stage I think is to be expected for its youth.  LED that came with the tank runs 8-11am , then 1-5pm.

The betta is my home office buddy, and I've had him a bit longer than his new home, about 8 months now. 

Parameters today:  ph (7.2 by strips, I guess. 7.5 by drops? 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 1 nitrates (will be adding some easy green) Hardness I get 7 drops or 300 on strips, kh I get 6 drops or 150 on strips. Phosphate 1 (picture of tests is after the 3 minute mark so it looks darker). Both the nitrates and phosphate are now  lower than my tap water so plants are taking hold I think. 

This scary looking white dotted webby stuff? Thoughts, advice? 






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What a gorgeous CT!!!

I see the dots you are asking about, and the white film. 

Does your betta have any tankmates?

Do you watch your betta to ensure he actually eats all of his food and doesn't try to hide it anywhere? [Don't ask.... I've had some... uniquely tempered... betta]

When you cleaned it off before, what was the texture?

Did it have an aroma?


Weird things growing on wood generally don't concern me unless texture or smell indicate I need to be concerned. 

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Oh wow! Last night I did three things. 1. Hand picked out some of the algae. 2. Added a dose of easy green. 3. (And I suspect this was the kicker) I removed the pre-filter I had off of the water return, increasing the water movement. 

I was a bit worried as I had read several reviews that the movement in this tank setup could be too much for a betta. So I followed a tip adding that pre-filter on the outflow.  But, with it gone, the tank looks so much better this morning and in just one night, most of that ugly white mess on the drift wood is gone! 

@Torrey I didn't notice a smell, and it looked fluffy but felt slimy.   

My betta has only 5 blue velvet neocardinia (experiment, I've tried to make sure they have several hiding options)  and a few common pond snails. He seems ok with them, but I tried baby rice fish once, admittedly in his prior smaller tank, and removed them quickly as he wasn't even going to let them try to hide from him, He was incensed! 

I haven't yet come to a feeling if the increased flow is bothering him, but it sure seems to have quickly improved the looks of his home. I'll keep an eye on his feeding, responsiveness to me and those fins. 


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@Torrey, and no, he's always eaten what I give him right off, unless he doesn't see it right off. And then I can usually point at it till he gets the point. And he visibley appears to be chomping it right down.  I give him betta pellets during the work week, and a treat of frozen Daphne/brine shrimp on a weekend day.  Took him a bit to understand they were food, so kept it light, but he seems to understand it now. 

Hiding food, huh? What a ton of personality these little guys can have.  😀 

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I wouldn't worry. This is type of fungus that over time will disappear. I had something similar for 2 months or so before its gone. I am new to fish keeping and if there is something that I have learnt is that you need a patience of a saint. My problem...I am no saint.

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