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Aquarium salt question


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Tank info: PH 8, KH 7, GH 5

yesterday, ammonia zero, nitrite zero, nitrate 5

today ammonia 0.25,nitrite zero, I did not check nitrate.

Tank size 10 gallon

Tank temp 77F

number of fish in the tank:5

Only this guy developed this red dots on tail


I got guppy yesterday and one of them in quarantine tank developed this red spots on tail.Could be injury (he was most skitish one and as soon as he went into tank, he was sticking to the aquarium coop sponge filter and it could have rub against his tail, or maybe nipped by other fish), could be ammonia (yesterday it was ammonia zero nitrite zero, nitrate 5 but today, ammonia was 0.25ppm.Nitrite was zero though.

At this point, I added prime and stability until I figures out what to do.

I would like to try aquarium salt first.Is this good way to go? Only this guy has this and rest of them are fine. This guy got more comfortable in the tank and he has good appetite and swim fine, not hiding corner or anything like that.

Day 1. Do water change and add 2 tablespoons aquarium salt. My tank is 10 gallon.    Day 2 and after. After water change add 1 teaspoon salt. I take out 2 gallon when water change.

Other question will be how often do I need to do water change when dosing aquarium salt?

I normally do weekly water change but I should do more frequent?

I have used aquarium salt in the past last year or so with fin nipped guppy and started from 1 tsp per gallon dosage but I do not remember if I added initial dose of salt to the tank size first or not. When I was doing that, one day, I up the salt level to 1 tbs per 2 gallon dosage (I do not remember the level but took from salt post from aquarium coop blog and up the level and I guess it was sudden change and guppy I was treating passed awaty next day..So I wanted to make sure step of adding salt to the tank and its amount.

Thank you.



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Start at 1 table spoon for 5 gallons and gradually increase over a couple of days to 1 table spoon for 3gallons remember to only add the the amount of salt back in that you take out so if you do a 3 gallon water change only put  1 table spoon back

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I have a white guppy that will occasionally get a red spot in its body that goes away on its own.  No idea that cause. He never seems stressed and I don’t see other fish picking on him.  Kind of wonder if it is a genetic weakness in this strain of white guppies…

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I see. I found guppy breeder who has youtube video channel and he had one video how he cured the red spots with melafix.

When I commented on his video, he said, he noticed Albino blue commonly gets these red dots on tail and nothing serious disease and heal on its own and aquarium salt help heal them as well even without antibiotic.

So, I added aquarium salt yesterday and red dot became smaller and less red.

I was happy but then at the same time, I found tiny pinhole in the tail..

Maybe he got nipped?

I added breeder box around noon because I did not want them to eat fry.

Came back like hours later, he had bigger hole in the tail like looking like nipped twice.

Tail edge is not blacken or red or orange or frayed tail yet so it is not fin rot at this stage but worry it could get developed into it...


I know one of the fish tend to chase other fish away and saw her fighting with other female :tail banging each other but tail damage is only him..but then, I have not seen her chasing him.

I am wondering if i should separate her from mates in quarantine tank using breeder box but then she being pregnant, it could stress her more... I cannot decide what I need to do.

I do know that fin rot is one of the sympton in columnari thing but he does not have any fungus looking mouth nor white patch over body nor frayed tail;just hole in the tail, I do not think it is big C ..


Is this nipped fin or is it already fin rot?



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Thank you.Someone in guppy group on FB said it is fin rot but my understanding was if it were fin rot, I would see black, orange or red edge on tip of the tail and not going to start with middle in the tail but I was wrong?


I asked seller of this guppy and he said it looked like nipped fin to him so I believe him and keep him in tank with Aquarium salt and wait for the hole to close on its own.

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