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First planted tank showcase/journal (29 gallon)

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I set up my first planted tank about 5 and a half weeks ago, and stocked it with 20 cherry shrimp (10 each from two different places). 

I have been working on filling it out with plants and rearranging a few things over the weeks. Most of my hornwort was wedged in down low and started exploding, but then it went through a big shed after a few weeks. I decided to pull most of it out and let it float, and it seems to be recovering well.

The shrimp seem to be doing well and have started breeding. There are little ones all around the tank now. 

My first bunch of plants were from my lfs (and some locally harvested moss) but I finally got around to ordering 10 plants in from aquarium co op. I'm pleased with how they arrived. Some were a little smaller than I expected but some were bigger, and overall they seem quite healthy, so I am happy. Also got easy green and root tabs.

Hopefully the new plants all do well and everything grows in the coming weeks. I'm pretty happy with how it is looking overall.







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