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Purple Freshwater Aquarium Fish?

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On 8/5/2021 at 1:49 PM, Steph’s Fish and Plants said:

I don’t think anyone’s mentioned this, but purple harlequin rasboras. They’re great especially for those “nano” tanks. Throw a group of 6 in there, they’re not necessarily neon purple like a Glo fish but they are a nice deep purple.

I was also going to say purple rasboras

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Alrighty… I’m going to toss in another rare dwarf Cichlid: “Purple Smiler” — Laetacara araguaiae…



They tend to only color up fully when spawning. We had three pairs, and several spawns encouraged by using rain water to spawn them. Their coloration varies depending upon their comfort, food, water quality, context, and overall mood.

A similar dwarf Cichlid in the same genus is the Laetacara curviceps…


Bear in mind that these are probably shot beneath colored lighting, and photoshopped. Still… inspiring! 

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