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Quarantine tank while on vacation


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Hey guys I was hoping some advice on what to do with my quarantine tank while I go on vacation.  Right now I have an empty quarantine tank that is waiting some new purchases, however I will be going away on vacation at the end of the month, and I don't want to burden my fish sitter looking after fish in there, especially since she will not know what to look for or treat if anything goes wrong.

So right now the tank is cycled, has some frogbit and some tiny snails hanging out in it, but I am wondering how to keep that up and going the week I am away.  I was thinking of getting some more plants (moneywort and a couple crypts) to add to the main tank, and was going to store them in the quarantine for the week I was away, would that help? I really don't want to loose the bacteria I got in there, so am wondering if there is a good way to keep them intact while I am away.  Should I also do a dose of Easy Green before if I go this route? I would really like to get my next fish when I get back and use the quarantine tank.

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