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Seeking advice for 125 gallon upgrade.

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So many things to consider!  We are moving in the next couple of weeks to a new home.  This would be a great time to upgrade the Rosaline Barbs and the Rosy Barbs to a bigger tank. (The 55 is looking to small). I hate spending money on the combo from the box store with the press board stand.  The acrylic is a stretch for cost but would be lighter and perhaps stronger.  But then the stand would break the budget for sure unless we can diy it and have it look nice in the living room.  Any ideas or advice anyone can give?  I would appreciate it so much.

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You could try to reach out to aquarium companies with ideas and get an estimate. Or even buy second hand off of places like eBay or thrift stores, which is good for the environment and your wallet. I know that some big chain stores that end in -tco or -smart will give it's employees big discounts and they can pass it onto you if you know them. 

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