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Breeding Projects taking off


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Crazy couple days. 

All of a sudden my Midnight Rams started spawning, now I have a ton of fry.
Medaka population is at 300
Convicts Spawned and free swimming fry everywhere (not sure how I feel on this)
Cobalt Angels finally spawned but the male ended up eating the eggs (Anyone have suggestions)
Giant Bettas spawned
Crystal Red Shrimp are all berried

Something in the air or what?!?!!?!

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On 8/3/2021 at 9:17 PM, Keeg said:

For the angles, make a low stress environment, reduce the movement around the aquarium and provide hearty foods. You could also remove the eggs and hatch them artificially. 

I have a can filter so maybe the flow is high. Spray bar would be better 

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When I want to decrease the flow I usually just use a bubble filter. With my canister, I have stuff covering the outtake like plants and have the water covering the whole outtake. I know some people cover it with things like sponge or a piece of leggings. I don't know what a spray bar is so I can't comment on that. 

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If this was the first time for the angels spawning, which it sounds like when saying they finally spawned, give them a few times to get it figured out. When I was breeding angels, I would give a pair three or four spawns to see if they would raise the babies before I would start pulling the eggs.

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